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OW’Real Cinnamon Indian Rose 25 Tea Bags


OW’Real Cinnamon Indian Rose is a refreshing blend of aromatic Cinnamon, Tulsi, Bay leaves, Cardamom, Chamomile, Peppermint and fragrant Indian Rose. Cinnamon and Tulsi are rich in antioxidants and help eliminate toxins in the body that cause free-radical damage to the cells. Rose is one of the best natural anti-depressants and together with bay leaves, improves skin. Peppermint adds a dash of freshness.

Quantity per box: 25 Staple Free Tea Bags

Pour fresh boiling water over an infusion bag in a cup (1 bag per cup). Infuse for 3-5 minutes or longer. Double the strength when served iced. Best when consumed without milk.



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